Social Emotional Learning- Ms. Tamara

Hello Friends! Hola Amigos!

"Remember, we are all in this together!"

Positive self-talk is very important, now and always!
Don't forget to use your strategies to get through tough times! These are some reminders!
If you feel upset or angry, don't forget to check this Size of my Problem Chart. This is a helpful tool and in most cases, there will be a solution.
Play is a great way to express our feelings. The family in Ms. Tamara's doll house are using this time to do school work, make art, dance and play games with their family. 
Essential oils are a great tool to use to manage anxiety and to promote self-care
Kindness is where it is at
You Can Count on Me
A Message from Ms Tamara (3-24-20)

Playdoh Activities

Here's a healthy way to express your feelings!
Make some Feelings Faces or a self portrait.
Have your family try to guess how you are feeling!

Uni the Unicorn Cheers Turtle Up

By: Ms. Tamara (2020)

Deep Breathing Exercise

with  Ms Tamara

Don't forget to tell your loved ones how you feel

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